Mop trolleys met Eco Label

All Filmop FRED – ORION – VEGA mop trolleys are now certified “PSV mix eco”; that is,  they are made of Virgin PP and of mixed recycled materials coming from the separate collection of rubbish.

An important choice that confirms the engagement of our company to look for environmentally friendly solutions, to reduce the environmental impact of our products to a minimum, without giving up the high quality standard that characterizes our company in the national and international market.


What is changing?

Absolutely nothing from a technical and functional point of view. The certification “Plastic Second Life mix eco”guarantees the same quality, toughness, reliability over time and colour of the trolleys supplied till today.

From a strategic point of view the PSV trademark on a product is an important added value, because it allows all cleaning distributors selling to public authorities to be qualified as suppliers of environmentally friendly products(European Union Directive 2004/18/CE of 31.03.2004)


Mop Trolley eco Friendly