Unimop uses the 3P Model, People, Planet, Profit, as guideline for sustainability.


UNIMOP invests in long-term relationships with employees and offers them a work environment that appeals to their talents and skills. Additionally, we seek to forge strong relationships with our employees by giving ample attention to matters they consider important in their work. Examples include job satisfaction, personal development, competitive terms of employment and a good balance between work and private life.


Unimop works with European suppliers who also take sustainability serious. Most products are 100% recyclable as are their packaging materials. We choose are transporters on giving high priority to the environment. For example driving with full trucks or using intermodal transport were possible.


A sustainable value proposition toward customers can be developed by defining sustainability as part of a company’s business model, taking it from the level of a mere “license to operate” to a key differentiator in the marketplace. Defining quality in a new way, by combining performance and sustainability in the products a company offers, will contribute to long-term success.