Unimop BV strives to be the best partner for providing innovative and high-quality cleaning products and systems.

Our culture and philosophy

Our value proposition for customers comprises:

  • Focusing on our customer, listening to their needs and understanding them to serve them in the best possible way
  • Striving for the highest quality for our customers, because we share the responsibility for the customer’s end result.
  • Observing environmental aspects, for instance by supplying products fit for recycling.
  • Finally, Unimop BV takes ergonomics into account.

We also seek to establish a long-term collaboration with our customers and suppliers, so that we are better able to guarantee the continuity of our service.

This website offers you not only information on our products and services, but also information about the industry.

We thank you for visiting our website and would welcome any of your suggestions.



Besides providing high-quality products, UNIMOP BV also strives to warrant the required quality within the organization.

Having the proper operational systems is essential for a quality-driven organization. In this respect, we find it of vital importance that we have and continually monitor quality and safety systems. Since 1994, Unimop is in the possession of the quality safety certificate ISO 9001:2000.


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