Mop Trolleys

Well known are the FRED, VEGA and the ARKA.

Twice is the new double bucket with wringer for professional floor wet mopping, designed to guarantee the best service and profitability during cleaning operations. It has a total capacity of 30 ltrs and it is equipped with two drain-plugs; thanks to its two compartments, it separates the clean solution from the rinsing water.
Twice bucket is stackable, thus saving storing and transport costs.
It fits all Filmop plastic wringers


Fred trolley is surely the most representative of Filmop plastic mop trolleys. Composed of one single and patented (invention patent) polypropylene frame, Fred trolley is strong, handy and easy to clean.  Available in two versions, 30 ltrs and 50 ltrs, with Rilsan® coated upside-down push-bar to drive the trolley easy or with a practical plastic grip, very useful because it is ergonomic and reduces the overall dimensions of the trolley.



Our Vega trolleys are built starting from the same plastic frame used for the Orion trolley and assemblying all the available components and accessories on its plastic handle without using any screw (click-system);  therefore, assemblying is quick and very simple. Our Vega trolleys are very compact, ideal for any environment (offices, postal offices, banks, etc…) and equipped with a back plastic basket to carry bottles and other cleaning tools.



Our Arka trolleys are built starting from the same plastic frame used for the Fred plastic trolley. They are made of a strong polypropylene structure, perfectly balanced even when full loaded. Arka is

the most compact multipurpose trolley for professional cleaning: starting from the basic version and adding different accessories, you can built up a fully equipped cleaning trolley.This means that the operator can work with a very compact trolley still with a complete range of accessories and tools for professional cleaning at the same time.