Alpha is a innovative line of multipurpose trolleys that can satisfy any cleaning need and request. Alpha trolleys can be employed both with the traditional wet mopping systems with buckets and wringer and with the more recent wet mopping systems with pre-soaked mop heads.

Moreover, Alpha trolleys are different from other trolleys, because they are versatile, strong, easy to assemble and clean, have a modern design and, consequently, can fit any environment.


Alpha is:

» Environmentally friendly, as it is made of recyclable materials.
» Thanks to a complete range of components and accessories, you can create your ideal trolley, from the most compact and simple to the most equipped one.
» The vertical frames keep separate the waste collection compartment from the storage and mopping ones.
» Easy to clean thanks to its simple and rounded shapes and its smooth surfaces.
» Completely rust-proof.
» Light and easy to move.
» Equipped with Hush System for a silent and soft closing of the cover of the bag holder and of the central plastic frame.
» Designed and conceived to reduce bendings.
» It guarantees a total safety, as everything can be locked inside, avoiding any direct contact with the cleaning equipment.
» Possibility to lock both the waste collection compartment and the storage compartment.
Alpha trolleys can be classified according to four main lines: Compact line, Regular line, Waste collection line and Healthcare line.