Dusting Sytems

Different systems are possible, we have dust mopping, damp mopping and disinfection systems. We will illustrate a few systems all the others will be illustrated in our brochure.

Damp mopping is very important because it allows to remove dust and reduce the micro-organisms in the air.
Unimop offers mop holders with velcro strips for microfiber mop heads, mop holders with foam soles or pads for
impregnated cloths or cotton gauzes. These mop holders are light, handy, very strong and special trapezoidshaped
to allow to clean edges and also the highest and more difficult to reach surfaces.
All Unimop mop holders can be equipped with Lock System that improves the cleaning of walls and ceilings
just locking and unlocking the joint simply pushing up and down the special device using one’s foot.


1. The UNIKO system

Disinfection system with pocket mop heads and foldable mop holders in different sizes, including UNIKO
mop holder. Thanks to the special fixing system of the mop head to the frame, Uniko saves the operator from
bending continuously to fix and drop the mop head. If used with Lock System (locked joint), it allows
to get the best results while cleaning walls and ceilings thanks to a better adherence of the mop head to the
surface. Uniko offers several advantages, such as less fatigue and less effort, ergonomy and better cleaning

Look at the  UNIKO flyer here and the flyer of the Lock Systeem.

Mops available in below materials.


2. The VELCRO® system

Disinfection with velcro® mop holders is handy and quick and can be used with all mop heads with velcro® backing.
The special trapezoid-shaped mop holders allow to clean edges, are light and easy to use.
The replaceable velcro® strips, available also 2,5 cm large up today, guarantee the utmost adherence of the
mop holder to the mop head for a perfect cleaning of the floor. If used with the “Lock System” device to lock the joint,
they improve not only the cleaning of floors, but also the cleaning of walls and ceilings thanks to a better adherence of the tool to the surface.

3.The UNILAV system

Unilav is a wet mopping/disinfection tool for medium small areas with a medium degree of dirt. Very useful
for quick actions. In combination with microfiber cloths or with disposable cloths it guarantees excellent
cleaning results. Very simple and quick to use, light, handy and ergonomic.

Download here the UNILAV flyer.

4. The SANETY system

Sanety tool is equipped with a special pierced “flowthrough”
plate that allows a uniform distribution of the
solution on the floor avoiding waste of product.



The first special floor flat mopping system different from the traditional ones employing string mops.
Thisnew mopping system based on a flat plastic mop holder named “Speedy” is made to increase the size of the cleaning tool sliding on the floor (40×11 cm), thus saving a lot of time during cleaning and collecting much more dirt. Moreover, Speedy mop holders are foldable in order to wring the mop head by means of a wringer without dropping it from the tool itself. Ideal for the mopping of skirting boards. If used with the Lock System device to lock the joint, Speedy mop holders allow to clean much better not only floors, but also skirting boards, walls and ceilings thanks to a better adherence of the tool to the surface.












Pre-soaking is a cleaning system which takes full advantage of the combination of pre-soaked mop heads
(prepared with the specific cleaning solution before use) and microfiber.

Pre-soaking offers the following advantages:

  1. Easy to use: very fast and simple to use.
  2. Reduced risks of cross-contamination.
  3. Ecology: higher control of the chemical solution with less chemical and water waste.
  4. Higher performance flat mopping systems with mop holders with velcro® strips and with Uniko mop holders.
  5. Ergonomy: no wringer.
  6. Reduced working hours and reduced labour costs.
  7. Excellent results in cleaning and hygiene

Flyer Pre-soaking Systeem