Auxiliary Cleaning Materials

For good end results you need good materials, these can vary from warning signs to hand duster. This auxiliary cleaning materials can be divided in machine driven and not machine driven equipment. Unimop only offers the not machine driven materials.


Warning Signs

Essential working equipment for the cleaning operators, Unimop warning safety signs are completely made
of plastic, light and shock-resistant. They have a very clear warning printing visible also at a long distance.
Available with printed text in different languages.





Filmop Baggy plastic dustpan is the perfect solution for “quick actions” in environments, such as supermarket,
restaurants, communities, bars, offices, hospitals, etc… Used in combination with its floor squeegee with rubber
blade it’s ideal for the collection of solid and semi-liquid waste. 
Thanks to the possibility to collect waste directly into the disposable waste bag, Baggy guarantees a prompt and,
at the same time, hygienic cleaning, avoiding any direct contact with dirt.



Focusing on Spillo and Snake hand dusters, they are:

  • light and handy;
  • versatile – ideal both for dry cleaning with acrylic sleeves and for wet/damp cleaning with microfiber sleeves;
  • extremely flexible – the rotating joint (270° rotation) guarantees the maximum flexibility during use;
  • fitting telescopic poles and/or handles with screw to reach the highest surfaces;
  • Snake hand duster: it can be shaped to fit any irregular surface.