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Unimop: Leading Provider of High Quality Hygiene Brushes

Unimop is a leading provider of high quality hygiene brushes for the industry. We blend industry expertise and advanced technology to deliver the most save and high quality products.

Good hygiene saves money People have the right to expect the food they eat to be safe and suitable for consumption. Foodborne illness and foodborne injury are at best unpleasant; at worst, they can be fatal. But there are also other consequences. Outbreaks of foodborne illness can damage trade and tourism, and lead to loss of earnings, unemployment and litigation. Food spoilage is wasteful, costly and can adversely affect trade and consumer confidence. Good hygiene can be ensured through good routines and high quality, well-designed cleaning tools.




Our hygiene brushes are suited for autoclaving up to +120°C/+248°F, do not absorb water, retain bristle stiffness and bend recovery. Articles are available with heat tolerances from-30ºC to +134°C (even some up till +250°C). Filament retention is important to Unimop and the combination of precision drilled high density brush blocks and insertion of stainless steel retaining clips achieves this objective whilst allowing for the penetration of anti-bacterial agents to reach deep into the bristle clumps. A selection of articles are available with bristles set in flexible resin compound. Enhanced bristle retention is achieved in addition to solid proven bristle anchorage. Manufactured from our own formulation involving additives that conform to food contact regulations, this addition allows material that may become accidentally detached from an article in use to be detected by standard in-line metal detection equipment.